Debtor’s Rights

My law firm has extensive experience in Arizona debt collection abuse claims.   The Arizona Debt Collection Act, the federal Fair Debt Collection Act and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Act all serve to protect Arizona consumers from debt collector who harass consumers.

Debt collections companies engage in illegal and abusive conduct that includes:

  • Excessive calling or calling at unreasonable times,
  • Calling consumers at work to harass or embarrass the consumer,
  • Calling employers to embarrass or harass the consumer employee,
  • Calling consumers’ neighbors or other third parties to discuss the debt and ask the third party to encourage the consumer to pay the alleged debt,
  • The use of profanity, demeaning or degrading language when talking to the consumer, employer, or third party,
  • The misrepresentation of the debt collection company’s name or business by claiming the collector is a law officer, police agency or law office,
  • The misrepresentation of the amount of money owed, or indeed, if any money is actually owed.

If a collection agency has used any of the above illegal collection efforts, then the agency is in violation of any of the above statutes, and you are entitled to a financial recovery.

If you live in Arizona and are being illegally harassed by a collection company, please call me at (480) 580-5025 to discuss your case.  I take cases throughout the state of Arizona.

Please remember, there are no attorneys’ fees or court costs, or other expenses unless you recover money.