Debt Collectors Creation of Urgency

Debtor’s rights

Collection companies pursue debt collection attempt to create a sense of urgency in the debtor by:

  • constantly calling you many times in a single day,
  • constantly calling employers or third parties, or third parties such as your parents, close family, or friends to tell them you have important matters to attend to,
  • Claiming to be a law office and threatening civil litigation with huge potential for additional damages, costs, and attorneys’ fees.
  • Threatening criminal prosecution resulting from the failure to pay, including even threatening to send police officers to your location to either arrest you to get the money allegedly owed.
  • Using abusive and foul language when talking to you,
  • Refusing to give the name of the collection company or its address.

The purpose of these calls is to impress on you an urgency that you need to pay the debt immediately, without thinking about the existence of the loan, the amount of the loan, or if you have already paid any money toward the loan. All of these activities are illegal. You do not have to be the subject of these tactics.

If a collection company is pursuing you with any of the above tactics, please call me at (480) 580-5025 to discuss a claim against the collection companies that can include the waiver of your debt, the payment by the collection company of a statutory fine, usually $1,000.00, and attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Remember, owing money is not a defense to pursing claims based on the above rights. You may still pursue claims against the collection company.

As a debtor’s attorney, I can provide the services necessary pursue the collection company just as vigorously as it pursued you.